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4. Digital Video Recording Systems
4.1 GC – 008
Wireless Soda – Can Set
A Professional wireless set, crystal stabilized,  transmits up to a 100 m rang, The can is completely independent, it has interior battery, color camera and a microphone, Activation is made by a small hidden switch or by a remote control (optional). The transmission is received into a small and easy to use reception unit with an LCD monitor and a built – in microphone. The reception unit has 2 rechargeable batteries and a smart charger, video and earphones outputs.
4.2 GC – 002
An executive pen digitally video and audio, with options for video recording and stills photography. Transferring the data to your PC is easy and simple and does not require software. The built – in battery lasts for 1.2 hr. of recording and the pen comes with a portable charger that uses AA batteries for a longer lasting continuous recording.
4.3 GC – 006
Flashlight DVR
A high powered flashlight with white LED light with an internal Digital video recording system supports 1.5 hours VGA recording with 1 GB mini SD card.
Built – in CMOS color VGA sensor (640 X 480) Night vision support
Comments to any PC with USB 1.1 interface
One touch control for easy operation
LCD status display
Built – In – NI – MH charger
4.4 GC – 049
Waterproof Helmet Camera
Digital camera and recorder
Waterproof, up to 5 meters
Shock- resistant
Resolution : VGA 640 X 480 at 30 Fps
Plays on PC and TV via USB and RCA cable 
Saves recording on SD card, up to 8GB
4.5 GC – 011
Helmet Camera Mini
Digital video camera and recorder with Infra Red LED light. Records at 30 fps, supports up to 16 on an SDHC memory card.
Extremely compact in size, only 9 X 5 X 4cm! And only 75g.
Video resolution 640X  480
Includes a built – in microphone for up to 12ft range.
4.6 GC – 007
Mini Video model 900 – with camera & microphone built –in
An independent, wired a perfect appearance of  a cellular phone, the recordings are saved on a micro SD card, with a maximal capacity of 2GB. A perfect hidden camera for personal meetings. 2.2” monitor, which remains shut off at time of recording. A complete VGA recording quality, 640 X 480 pixels, with a full 25 frames / second rate.
Mobile Personal Digital video Recording System
Warrior helmet camera set including a Ei - Fi unit for a distance wireless communication and a local connection for a digital video unit hardened and waterproof.
Head camera set with video model 700
A head set for soldiers, policemen or bilkers. The installation is quick and simple, like an ear – piece that is being won behind the ears. The color camera has the same angle of the wearer’s vision and a sensitive microphone. Because it is so simple to wear it does not require a permanent installation, like a combat helmet, for example. This head camera set enables the wearer to wear a helmet or a cap combined directly to a small digital video recorder which also charges it.
4.9 GC – 047
Rear – View Mirror AV Recorder
 The recorder gives evidence in situations of accidents, burglars, bad maintenance etc. and saves it on an SD card. In cld. 3.8*TFT-LCD display in an anti – glare mirror, which becomes full mirror when the power the is off, Video resolution: Pal: 720 X 576 (D1 ) / 25 Fps, NTS: 720 X 480 (D1) / 30 FPS
Bluetooth Earpiece Camera
A Bluetooth earplug that actually works with your mobile phone, conceals a high quality video camera and a microphone. Supports up to a 4 GB mini SD card for up to 4 hours high Res or 45 Hours Low Res Recording. 45 MB built – in memory.
Key Chain Remote Control DVR
Built – in Concealed camera for tapping & photo – shooting
Video Protocol : NTSC / Pal Standard
Video Recording Mode: Auto / Manual / Motion Detection/ Schedule
Resolution : 355 X 288@15fps
Memory Type: Built – In – Flash memory 2 GB
Max. Resolution: 1,300,000 Pixels (@1280 X 1024)
Video File Format : AVI
Picture File Format : JPEG
PC Interface : Mini USB2.0
Consumption Current : Recording : 150MA
Consumption Current : Stand By  : 100MA
Battery Charging Time: 3 – 4 Hours
Power Supply : DC 5V / 2A
Battery Charging Current : 250 MA
Battery Type : DC 3.7V / 550 MA Lithium Battery
Battery Lifetime : 150 Minutes
Dimension : 70 X 34 X 16 mm
Weight : 34 g
4.12 GV – 024
Mini Video Recording System
2 inch TFT LCD, compatible with AVI format Mini 1/3 inch CMOS camera with microphone built in
Recording videos with the mini camera
Recording videos from TV set
Playback Video on TV with AV cable
AV in jack to connect with mini camera / TV
Adjust the lers, make video clear
Built in 45 MB memory onboard, support Mini
SD card to 4 GB
Powered by li – ion battery
4.13 GC – 063
Pen holder video recorder
Support memory : 4 GB
Battery : Built-in 700 MAH LI-battery
PC interface: USB2.0 (USB 1.1 compatible) Recording Format: AVI (640 X 480)
Recording Time : 5 hours continuous recording
MIC sensitivity : 35 dB
Total storage of recording:6hours (4 GB)
Output : Play via computer
Windows ME / 2000 / XP / Vista, MAC 10 X or above  
Inspection Unit
Visual Inspection for Various  Application for the fields of Entrance Guarding, Law Enforcement Investigating, Construction Engineering, Life – Detection, Lab Researching & Postal Examine etc. Water – Resistance & Dirt – Proof Rugged Outlook Designed Ideally used under crucial environment & improve the Inspecting Vision used in the day Light Weather condition Featured with Video Recording & Photo Snap-Shooting to preserve the Event AF feature enable the unit sending the recording clip back to the Surveillance base in wireless instantly Built-In the extra high Capacity Rechargeable Battery Pack Delivering more than 6 hours long duration use continuance
4.15 GV – 012
High Definition Portable DVR
  1. Six recording modes selectable from lowest 320 X 480 @30 fps to highest 1280 X 960 @ 30fps
  2. Allows you to take still pictures while recording or when playing back videos.
  3. To user’s preference fps is adjustable, ranging from 1fps to 30fps
4.16 GC – 062a
Remote Control DVR PRO
Built – In Concealed camera for tapping & photo shooting
Now the best resolution!!!
Camera : 1.3 Mega Pixels Cmos Camera
Lens : 0.6 mm
View of Angle : 61 Degree
Data Storage : Micro SD Card
Time Stamp : Y/M/D, H/M/S
Recording : AVI
Video Resolution : 640 X 480
Frame Rate : 29fps
Photo Resolution : 1280 X 960
Recording Mode : Continue
Audio Recording : WMA
Indications: Vibrations, LED indication
Operation Current : 200MA
Standby Current : 130 MA
Recording Time : Up to 180 Minutes
Battery Type : 550 MA Li – Ion Battery
Charging Time : 4 Hours
Connection to PC : USB 2.0
Dimension : 71 X 35 X 15 mm
Weight :32g
4.17 GC – 064
Spy ID Card DVR
Three in one function
DVR + Camera + Voice recorder
Ultra Slim design, only 5.3 mm thickness
High definition camera
CMOS built in 1.3 million high definition digital camera
JPG resolution : 1,280 X 1,024
Video resolution : 640 X 480 , Avi format
Video frame : 15 fps
Voice recorder : WAV format
Capacity : 4 GB
5. Cameras
5.1 GC – 029
Ultra – Slim Boroscope  Camera
Handheld video system with a flexible insertion tube. It Can easily be operated by plugging directly intro your computer. Enhanced with 2 white LED lights ( Adjustable ) on the tip can capture high quality images and videos (AVI) with rich color throughout a large dynamic range. This high end scope requires no batteries, receiving its power directly from the computer’s USB power. The Boroscope camera’s tip is waterproof.
5.2 GC – 028
Hidden Tie camera
Records both audio and video, Inside the camera there’s a hidden, small CCD camera combined with a high sensitivity microphone. The camera operates on a 90 degrees angle.
5.3 GC – 007
World’s Smallest Camera 1/18”
“1/18 Color CMOS Camera
Pixel : 320 X 240 (NTSC)
240 TV Lines
0.77 mm / F3.0(MO – B802 – 105)
2 Lux / F1.2
DC 3.3 V
Dimensions : D3.5 mm X 9.2 mm
Flexible Fiberscope Camera
Illumination System : Changeable
Light source : Pipeline water Resistance
Front- end outer diameter : Ø 6mm ± 5%
Inserted pipeline outer diameter : Ø 6mm ± 5%
Pipeline Bending features : Flexible winding
Pipeline working length : 1270 ± 20 mm
Total length : 1390 ± 20 mm
Standard Light source : battery CR123A*1
Weight (with standard light source) : 265g ± 5%
Changeable TPL – 5/6 powerful light sources
DVR camera
Optical Adaptor : Camcorder Adaptor
C – mount Adaptor
Side viewing mirror, 90°
6. Miscellaneous
6.1 GC – 019
The Black Box
An amazing, compact system for the car, easily attaches to the front window and includes a wide-angel camera in a GPS system. The camera automatically records everything that occurs in front of the vehicle, when in motion, that way it is simple to see the GPS data as part of the photo. For example, the unit records an accident automatically 10 seconds before it occurs and 30 seconds after. The system also includes a sensitive microphone, to record audio as well. The system provides, in addition to a quality camera (1.3 mega pixel) and in addition to exact locations, data speeding, stopping, sudden acceleration and emergency breaking.
6.2 GPC – 005
Encrypted computer file Disk on key protected by fingerprint
All the data on the disk – on – key is protected and can be activated only by your fingerprint! The encryption level is in military strength (AES – 256). The disk – on – key has a bio metric windows logon function, keeps your Internet Explorer favorites, history, cookies etc. with you at all time.
6.3 GD – 011
Digital Night Vision Goggles 5 X 42
With enhanced glass optics, direct video recording output, stealth operations with invisible IR illumination, tripod mountable, can be used in daylight conditions.
6.4 GD – 010
Tracker Night Vision Goggles 1 X 24
Hands free operation, secure mounting, quick and easy donning, handy adjustment.
PC Spy Plug
Small plug that stores all keystrokes on the keyboard
Ear Piece
A tiny wireless ear-piece and a special wire you wear under your collar. Connects to NOKIA mobile phones. Lets you hear and speak without wires without the people around you knowing.
Including a Cleaning set.
Battery life about 5 hors of transmission.
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