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7. Special Integration Systems
7.1 GSC-001
Observation Case Optic Zoom X32
A professional observation suitcase. Optic zoom X32. All the parts are hardened into one suitcase for a quick installation on a tripod. Records for up to 100hours. A large 9* monitor. The system enables observing events that occur as far as 1 Km away (not for facial identification). This product is ideal for fast observations from apartments, from slope for a quick and easy spread on a tripod. Simple, professional, fast and convenient.
7.2 GSC-003
Eavesdrop Detection System
A professional eavesdrop detection suitcase based on a professional ICOM receiver and Spectrum Analyzer software. The kit combines a 10” monitor compact laptop that graphically controls all received transmitter channels. You can also record and save the materiel before printing. The system has more tools to detect the additional eavesdropping appliances: a camera scanner up to 6000 MHz that displays on the monitor recovered picture. A Near-by detector that Vibrates and beeps when discovers analog and digital broadcast up to 6 GHz as well as an audio detector that opens and plays a hidden Microphone, And if that is not enough, there’s also a rice toy that find hidden camera lens quickly and easily.
7.3 GSC-007
Security case
This case can receive up to 4 different broadcast channels, back-ups recorded by an advanced 30GB deceive, up to 80 hours of recordings, including date and time imprints on the picture, motion activated recording and more. The case uses220V/110V power, by using an internal battery for up to 10 hours work. Using the 12V power of a vehicle enables a connection with any linear camera. All of the joints in the suitcase are water resistant and in military standards.
7.4 GSC-024
Charging Case for 9 Motorola Two-Way Radios
This case enables you to charge to carry 9 two-way radios in organized manner.
7.5 GSC-006
V.I.P Case
The V.I.P Case is specially manufactured by The case is Designed to provide V.I.P protection based on quick deployment and perfect simplicity. 4 volume detectors, wireless broadcasting to the control box, alert is indicated by buzzes and flashing indicator lights, 4 reset buttons and so on. Allows the security person to decide on the deployment of the detectors according to the professional understanding and surface in every situation.
7.6 GSC-015
The Ambassador
A full application VIP case for the person security. The case includes 4 wireless cameras for fast attachment for 12 hours of broadcast concealed in a stone/tree trunk, smoke detector etc. The case also includes 4 space based detectors, distress button and a magnetic switch for the secured room door. The different units send a continuous expression to the suitcase about all the activities in each area. Real time pictures in areas which are not visually covered. Motion detectors send signals to the suitcase and alert every movement including the location of the movement. A manual distress button for the secured person. And a magnetic contact door. The suitcase records all the communication channels.
7.7 GSC-070
Distress Buttons System
Distress control system
Computer system with global cover
GPS cellular communication, with a wide variety of small distress buttons concealed in wrist watches, keychain, part of a garment, even part of the shoe-heel. The buttons are communicating in seconds with sophisticated center software which, in case of distress, performs a pre-programmed chain reaction.
7.8 GSC-30
Video / Audio Recording System Drawer
7.9 GSC-31
WiFi Security Case
Wireless LAN security case, includes two wireless cameras with encrypted WiFi transmission to the case.
Clear picture, operation supply 300 meters in built area.
In each camera integrated advanced warning system that sends an indication of every movement in the area.
The system processes analytic video, including recording unit.
Additionally the system includes two movement detector and personal distress button for the use of by the secured personality.

8. GSM Transmitters
8. GSM Transmitters
Simple and smart device that makes listening easy. All it takes is inserting a SIM card to the device, then leave it anywhere you would like to be. When you want to heat you only have to call the phone number of the SIM CARD, from anywhere on the globe, and hear everything around the device. Great to use at home at home, in the office and in the car.
8.1 GE-001 GSM TRX
8.2 GE-028
Price -$375
GSM in a Socket
GSM transmitter concealed inside an electric socket. Since the transmitter is connected to the power line, it can work unlimited, unlike the transmitter which works on a battery.
8.3 GSM in a Nokia charger/ Lightning Protector
GSM transmitter concealed inside a charger for Nokia mobile phone. When the transmitter is connected to the power, it can work unlimited, unlike the transmitter which works on a battery.
The SIM is already inside.
8.4  GE-029
GSM in a Lampshade
GSM transmitter concealed inside a table lampshade. Since the transmitter is connected to the power line, it can work unlimited, unlike the transmitter which works on a battery.
GSM in Ornament Clock
GSM transmitter concealed inside an ornament clock, Since the transmitter is connected to the power line, it can work unlimited.
8.6 GE-030
GSM in an Electric Adaptor
GSM transmitter concealed inside an electric adaptor. Since the transmitter is connected to the power line, it can work unlimited.

GSM transmitter concealed inside a DVD device.

GSM Digital Alarm Clock
This digital alarm clock is ideal for bedrooms and children’s rooms
GSM Emergency lightning system
GSM transmitter concealed inside a emergency lighting system
GSM Voice Active / Sock Monitoring Module
Built in shock alert active function, will call and send SMS when detect shock alert, Voice active monitoring, when detect voice level higher then voice setting sensitivity, the module will send SMS and making call automatically.
9. GPS Devices and Kits
9.1 GD-003
GPS Premium
A very small, high quality and technology GPS devices that dosen’t  require seeing the sky. In almost any building it will see 3-4 satellites and will give an extremely accurate location, with a diversion of only 3-4 meters. The device includes a type 3 GPS antenna with amazing performances. It is also a security distress button which sends several SMS massages to several phone number and even opens a microphone for one of them and enable hearing the carrier at time of need. At this time the device becomes a two-way intercom and the two can talk without use of hands. The Device operates by coordination’s reversal. It sends
Digits for longitudes and latitudes and these are translated into an actual address using any navigation system.

9.2 GD-003 Attachment Kit
  1. Lithium battery pack for straight 14 days work
  2. Magnetic attachment pouch, extremely strong
  3. A controlled charger
10. Wireless Audio Systems
10.1 GE-020
Sony Wireless Audio System
A professional Wireless audio systems includes a crystal transmitter that sends audio up to 300 meters directly to a digital SONY tape recorder that can store up to 261 hr. 45 min. of audio. The receiver is built right inside the tape recorder. The set includes a phone transmitter and a room transmitter.
10.2 GE-013
Wireless Audio System
A Professional Wireless audio system includes a crystal transmitter that sends audio up to 300 meters to a receiver. The set includes either a phone transmitter or a room transmitter
10.3 GE-018
Wall Plug Transmitter
A Phone transmitter secure inside a three outlet plug-in, Built in as integral part of the socket outlet. Transmitter range: up to 100 meter in a constructed environment with astonishing quality. Manufactured and sold only by Golan Spy Shop Ltd. Operating the device only requires plugging it in!
10.4 GE-014
Phone Plug Transmitter
A crystal transmitter integrated into a phone line plug
A good solution for ADSL lines
The transition is received by digital receiver recorder unit up to 32 hours of recording and up to 100 meter distance
The crystal transmitter can send everything spoken on the line up to 100 meters.
10.5 GE-027
3V Transmitter
A wireless crystal transmitter with a particularly sensitive microphone, small and easy to hide, work with a 3V battery for up to 7 days work. Transmitting range up to 150 m.
10.6 GE-016
Audio Transmitter DC 220V
An audio transmitter for a direct installation on 220V/100V electricity. The transmitter is extremely small and transmits sounds from a the room in an uncompromised quality in a range of up to 100 meters.
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